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Improver Sea Kayaking Courses

Who is it aimed at?

The Improver Course is for people who have done a little kayaking before but are not ready to be on an Intermediate Course.

You might have been on an Introduction Course in the past and have a knowledge of the basics, but need time to consolidate and practice.

You will be happy in force 2 conditions (8-10 mph wind, small glassy waves but no white caps). You would be happy to paddle 15km in a day and you are able to turn, stop and move forwards and backwards.

What is Involved?

Our Improver Courses are designed to develop your existing skills and knowledge, to improve your confidence and ability, both on and off the water.

Each course is different as we tailor our aims for each day depending on what the group want to work on. We might look at boat handling skills, rescue techniques, navigation and tidal planning or simply take your current skills into a more challenging environment.

All of the equipment is top of the range, meaning you can be sure you will have the right kit for the job!

All specialist equipment is provided.

2 or 3 Day Improver Course

Each day we will explore the local area which is world famous for sea kayaking! At the same time you will be trained and coached by our top level instructors.

We encourage you to take an active role with your coach in the planning for each day. This is all part of sea kayaking and takes you one step closer to becoming a competent paddler.

Days start at 9;30 am at Glenuig Inn and at the end of each day we return to our base where there are hot showers, a drying room and top quality food and accommodation on offer.

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5 Day Improver Course

Day Trip Option

If you like your creature comforts and want to be able to return to a warm and dry hotel room at the end of each day then this is for you.

Each day is run as a day trip, starting and finishing at our base at Glenuig Inn.

We will meet you at 9:30 each day and we encourage you to be fully involved in the planning process for each trip.

Hot showers, a warm drying room and top quality food and drink await back at base when you return at the end of the day!

We will develop your paddling over the course of a week using different locations and more challenging conditions.

Wild Camping Expedition Option

The first 2 days we take you out on day trips. This allows you the time work on things with your own sea kayaking without the added distraction of a boat full of camping gear! It also allows your instructor time to see you paddle and make decisions on suitable areas for a multi-day trip.

On day 3 you will head out as a group for 3 days and 2 nights. Wild camping allows you to access areas which would otherwise be too difficult to get to and develops your expedition skills under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

If you have never wild camped or been on a multi-day trip in a kayak before then don’t worry, our instructors are there to help, giving you top tips and guidance with every aspect of the trip. It is a wonderful feeling to be independent and self sufficient as you explore a new area!

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For more details on programmed Improver Courses, check our dates page. We are always very flexible so if there is nothing which suits you planned already then let us know and we can plan a course around you.